Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh, I already made 20 posts.
Guess I'll show you what I've been up to lately.

Like this.

Mostly, it's been graphical for OO, with other 70 animations per direction to work on. A lot of them are small things like idle poses or variants like the difference between walking neutrally or walking while feeling nervous.

This too.

This here is the quick throw, which was mentioned before I think. Basically, when you pull up a piece of flooring or an item or what have you, you have the option to hold it over your head and run around and aim or quickly shuck it in front of you. The difference is between tapping and holding. A tap will bring it above your head, but holding it will throw it right away like in the image.

It's a little fast.

Finding ways to smooth out platforming is big too. Edge hanging is something that when I added it, it seemed silly to think of the game without it. Like with throwing, you have a delayed version and a quick version. To quick hang, just hold in the direction you're moving, and you'll pull yourself up automatically and keep running. Otherwise, you'll hang down with the option to pull yourself up, drop down, kick off and triangle jump, or just hang out. You can also use the jump button to alter how high up you pull yourself, so you can either just shortly hop up or sling yourself into the air from a ledge.

Still working on this.

Of course, environments are a big part of what I need to work on too. I'm still revising this area for instance. You can see OO in his little winter coat, too. The Parfait Flats are too cold to survive in just the white sweater, so the snow suit is needed.

Then of course, there's things like this.

A pioneer in its time, Terror Dash! stepped away from run and gun gameplay in favor of strategic survival, putting players in control of five very different characters at once. Hardly able to destroy every enemy, the player would find themselves jumping at the slightest noise and running for their lives from hordes of aliens through all ten large areas. Its release on the Guitar 5900 marked the beginning of a new breed of home console games, and despite criticism for its violent nature, Terror Dash! has survived to this day to be an exclusive part of Life+.

Oh yeah, and the RSS feed is up. Not sure why it wasn't before.


Sheldon said...

Goddamn, was wondering when you'd update
Just letting you know there's still people out there eagerly waiting for this. Looks good, great ideas :D

SIG said...

I see the content's coming along quite nicely. A video clip can't come soon enough...

Kaseius said...

Good stuff.

NineDice said...

Damn, so good.

I need to play this.

Jacob said...

Aww, hell yes. I look forward to playing this like the motherfucking fist of the north star.

Vidd said...

I'm surprised to see no comments about the actual code behind all of this.

What language are you using?

Pastel said...

There've been lots of comments about that a while back.

Anyway, I'm using Game Maker 7.