Friday, July 10, 2009

I realized it's been a while since I showed anything of the underground or any indoor areas, or anything for that matter, so I'll make a small update tonight.

Naturally, it's dark underground.

The area he's in right now is the same area I showed a while back with the polkadot dirt, in the digging update. Also, there's not really a low ceiling there, but OO is crawling anyway.

When you're ducking, hold left or right and you'll go prone and start to crawl.

Oh, also, I'm working on the design for the HUD.

I changed where the game starts, it's not underground right away.
The basic idea is the blue one lights up when the ground under you is soft enough to be used, and the green one just shows you what can go on if you examine, like look or open and stuff. I dunno about it though, I might abandon the green one and go for a thought bubble above OO for different situations. What do you think?


SIG said...

Holy crap! Progress!

Yeah, I'm liking the context-sensitive button idea to indicate diggable terrain. Reminds me of Ocarina of Time (even the blue/gree button layout). Maybe you can reduce the HUD icon sizes a little and make them look a bit more spiffier.

What's that new robot enemy?

Bigoron_Link said...

A few suggestions:

1. Make the icons smaller
2. The heart icons are very reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda... maybe try coming up with something more distinctive.
3. I like the thought bubble idea better than the green button. Or maybe a little shovel icon that blinks very lightly when you're over diggable terrain?

Regardless, it seems to be coming along very well! I love the art style... keep up the good work. Looking forward to this.

SIG said...

Would it be okay to submit some ideas for the icons? Perhaps we could contribute a few design choices?

One thing that really strikes me is the shift in artstyle, so I'm not sure how much of the assests from the previously posted pics remained intact.

Sheldon said...

Awesome, another update :D

I like the thought bubble idea, seems good :). Although, some people may think the thought bubble idea will clutter the screen, so maybe sticking it on the HUD is also a good idea.

Pastel said...

Shift in artstyle? I've been hearing that a lot, since I can't really think of what looks different in particular, what is it? Is it the incomplete crater background?

Anyway, yeah. Posting ideas is cool with me. The plains graphics haven't been changed at all other than a couple touchups and stuff.

Jacob said...

I'm personally the kind of guy who enjoys a health meter more than hearts or indicators - things feel too seperate.

Might I suggest taking a look at Space Station Silicon Valley's HUD? They had some cool things going on there.

SIG said...

Here's a little example of what I propose. I'm not quite sure which direction you're taking with regards to the heart status and whatnot, but here, I kind of combined all the different ideas you've presented in a healthbar with a context sensitive indicator on its left to keep everything uncluttered (the circle is interchangable with the yellow, blue, and green icons). Mind you, the image has been scaled up to 300%.

NineDice said...

I'm a sucker for minimalistic HUD, so I'd be rooting for the context sensitive thought bubbles. Awesome work as always.

william said...

i like what ninedice said, i agree with his idea.

minimalism with context sensitive thought bubbles.

also, i was the one who asked you about the music[on /v/]

is there a place you could tell me about that?
you said you aren't worried, but i'd love to hear what your plans are.

Anonymous said...

As well as making the HUD as minimal as possible, I think thought bubbles go well with silent protagonists in general.

allen said...

I agree with the thought bubble design.

I saw keep the hearts but make them a tad bit smaller.

The crawling animation is ace though. I love it.

Bigoron_Link said...

I really like the sample that SIG posted. Perhaps a small, minimalist health bar like the one he posted, along with the thought bubbles?

Keep up the good work.