Saturday, July 25, 2009

I dinked around and took a bunch of screenshots! Before I get to that, though, I'm getting a little bugged by the dirt textures, so I'm wondering which way to take it. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to say. Also, thanks a ton for the HUD feedback.

Say hi to the Appleseeds, too.

Here are the screens. Mostly in the plains, and there's a ton of them.

Title screen the first time you boot up.

Taking your first steps.

Heading back from the west.

Hold on, we have a picture of the island.

Press enter to view your files. Files are things like maps, pictures, charts, paper scraps, and so on with clues for how to proceed.

?! Well, It is a picture of the island.

From here, you can zoom in and pan the file around for a better look.

Moving on.

They're in the walls!

Here OO is using the quick throw. It's a good way to defend yourself from unexpected attacks.

There's plenty of them.

Aw jeeze.

When your hearts run out, you still have one last shot to get to safety. Take another hit when your hearts are gone though, and you're done for.

Let's dig and let's dig.

If you're in doubt of whether or not you can dig somewhere, check the toughness meter
in the upper right (next to the enemy alert). If you can dig, it'll show how strong what you'll dig up will be, or if there's something else, it'll be a question mark like here.

Grazing Appleseeds, be careful not to bump into them.

There's lots of places to go in Life+. This is the first room you can reach with 4 exits, two facing west, one east, one down.

Just a bit more!

If there's a ledge just out of reach, chances are you can grab on. I explained edgegrabbing a little bit ago, so just read back a couple posts.

This is a bad place to be.

This is the first place with an exit going straight up, accessed by climbing a vine. Since throws can be aimed in 8 directions, be sure to take out the Shimmer Buster before climbing. PS: There's something good up there.

The caves are down here.

Even though the cars are gone, there's still traffic.

Heading east brings you to a little road. A good rule of thumb in Life+ is that civilization will usually have something for you.

Getting plenty of sleep is a good rule of thumb, too.

Panning serves most of its purpose when you're zoomed in, but you can also check behind it to see if everything's okay.

A small note about file checking, be sure to do it where it's safe. Getting hit when you're reading or climbing will still hurt you, and knock you out of your file screen or off of your foothold.

I went with the prompt bubbles.

Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna take a fishing break.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I realized it's been a while since I showed anything of the underground or any indoor areas, or anything for that matter, so I'll make a small update tonight.

Naturally, it's dark underground.

The area he's in right now is the same area I showed a while back with the polkadot dirt, in the digging update. Also, there's not really a low ceiling there, but OO is crawling anyway.

When you're ducking, hold left or right and you'll go prone and start to crawl.

Oh, also, I'm working on the design for the HUD.

I changed where the game starts, it's not underground right away.
The basic idea is the blue one lights up when the ground under you is soft enough to be used, and the green one just shows you what can go on if you examine, like look or open and stuff. I dunno about it though, I might abandon the green one and go for a thought bubble above OO for different situations. What do you think?