Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jumping at sunrise, high noon, sunset, and midnight. Clockwise orientation.

Just a small update tonight. I'm pretty satisfied with how this is looking. Right now the time scale I'm looking at is about five minutes for an ingame hour, so about two hours for a full day.

Some things happen at night that don't happen during the day and visa versa, and time flows differently in some places.

That's about all I have for tonight.


Jacob said...

This is looking better and better every time I look at it!

Keep up the great work. I cannot wait for a chance to try a playable demo.

NineDice said...

Same here.

I'm actually in awe at the sheer amount of... well STUFF in this. Sure it's Game Maker, but it's a one-man project none-the-less. I'll never cease to respect those with enough initiative to start and finish a project as tedious as an entire game on their own.

It's like Japan Time all over again :3

SIG said...

For such little posted, it says quite a lot about the progress that this game has come.

I reallywant to play the demo now.

ZOMG Bananas said...

Been following you about since your first post on /v/.

Looking hotter than ever, Pastel. Can't wait to see something playable.

Taylor said...

Looking great.

Xion said...

Swweeet. I am looking very forward to this.

Travis said...

Hey. Been lurking here for awhile. Just wanted to say, the game looks FUN, which is more than I can say about some games nowadays.

Keep the good work up!

Inanimate-RZ said...

Flowers close at night though, don't they?