Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No. 25: Sparkle Buster

Throughout the island where the game takes place, there are machines scattered about in various levels of decay. The same can be said for facilities, which depending on how deep they are, look dilapidated or brand new. Thanks to their protective paneling, Sparkle Busters are always brand new no matter where they're installed, even in the side of a cliff. Invincible while closed, you must attack them while they're opening or shooting at you. They come in two distinct varieties: A four shot rapid burst, and a single shot spread. Normally, they only open if you're close enough but like all machines, they will react violently if alerted of a threat by a Bun.

Cocoas are the same way. They're machines too, after all.

If I had to put an estimate on it, Sparkle Busters are probably the most common machine.

Oh, and since you asked, I haven't made a whole lot of headway in the music field yet.


NineDice said...


Sheldon said...

I am in anticipation of a machine boss. This looks awesome :D

BitBite said...

On the music front, I'd love to help, even if it's just giving you some pointers. I think I've given you this link before (it's to some of my work.) but it was pretty late into a thread so I'm not sure you got it.

you can also shoot me an email at:

Good luck, the game looks excellent!

Anonymous said...

If you can compose music fairly well, pixtone is a great medium. made by pixel of cave story. works really well and you can create some awesome pseudo-chiptunes.

Ryan said...

It's amazing how far you've come with this Pastel, and it always looks like it's shaping up to be more and more awesome. By far the greatest product of any INDIE GAME MAKER threads.

Caliber9 said...

Hey everything is looking really great! I can't believe I haven't been following this blog! Im excited for this game, can't wait.