Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just another day.

Often in Life+, there are multiple ways around a challenge.

Did they fall in?

Some paths of action might seem like good ideas at first, like the obvious choice here is to jump over the gap safely.

Oh man, I fell in too.

But, you'll fall short with a distance this wide just a casual, every day jump.

I made it out okay, but at what cost?

This much damage usually isn't a big deal, but...

It cost dearly.

You can be ambushed at any time, so it helps to have as much health as possible. That's just common sense.

To be honest, this is the kind of thing that can be gotten through pretty easily, but to make it easier on yourself, explore everywhere. You'll find lots of helpful things. Above all others though, you look for square things that glow and bob up and down.

It's a still shot, but it does bob up and down.

When picked up, these items unlock certain latent abilities that help Double O in his daily life. This particular one lets you dash by double tapping a directional button. You move almost twice as fast while dashing, which means your jumps are equally enhanced.

The crouching is for dramatic effect.

Of course, you could always just attack everything in your path and forget about having to avoid enemies all together, so it all depends on how you want to play.

Trying to crouch while running makes you slide, too.

How's the new dirt look?


KapKyle said...

looking spiffy!

SIG said...

Slide kicking? This is starting to look more like Castlevania-style Metroidvanias...

NineDice said...


Andrew said...

Hey, another update! Sweet.
There's obviously a lot of thought going into this game.

I can dig the new dirt's cartooniness, but I miss it having a defined texture--it doesn't look as rich.

How's the music-making going? Fora higher-fi sound than just a Game Boy, I found a PC sequencer called Pxtone. Pixel, of Cave Story fame and shock and awe, made it. I haven't played around with it much but it seems like it can make nice 16-bit-and-over tunes.

Sheldon said...

Looking pretty sweet. I assume you'll fix up the dirt later? A solid color floor looks a bit bland when it's filling up as much of the screen as it is in your images :o

Also, it's been a while since we've heard about music. How's that going for you?

Andrew said...

P.S. The highlights on the edge of the dirt look really nice.

Vyers said...

The lighter outside areas of the dirt look great, but I think the interior dirt would look better if it had a slight texture. Something that isn't just a solid color would make it look much better.

BitBite said...

Looks really good! Can't wait to see this in action.

Anonymous said...

I personally prefer the new dirt, it has a clean and simple look to it.

Glad we got an update!