Saturday, March 21, 2009

No. 50: Lakeless

Whoops, forgot to add more stuff. Here's one of the parasitic enemies.

A tiny leech that swarms in polluted water. Their drill faces make them impossible to pull off. While connected, they drain HP very slowly and won't go away until they die. Since they're sensitive to light and salt, it could be as simple as eating something salty or standing in the sun for a while. Heat bothers them, too. Unlike their cousin the Tailspiral, they refuse to attach to a host already carrying a Lakeless.

That said, I should say something about the life bar.

This is a healthy heart.

This is not a healthy heart.

The life bar changes colors based on how things are going. The one at the bottom is the poisoned life bar, by the way.

EDIT: Man, I don't like HTML/XML junk. I dunno why the embedded comment box stopped showing up even after reverting back to an old template, so for now comment box is in a popup window. Gonna try fixing that.


SIG said...

Interesting new laytout you've got here. I like it, but was also bothered by the fact that I couldn't post any comments. Must be because I'm using Firefox.

That said, your concepts for enemies are great! At first I felt this might be just another Metroidvania with some unique twists here and there, but it looks like you're overhauling the entire structure altogether! Could this be the game to end all Metroidvanias?

Kaseius said...