Sunday, February 22, 2009

No. 16: 10 Gallons

A little simpler this time. I finished the inventory engine, which proved easier than I expected. Expect some screenshots of the actual menu navigation next time. Yeah! Because the graphical style of this game has been bumped up to somewhere around SNES level, I'm probably gonna reconsider my music limitations. This also means that graphics will take a while longer. I figure that graphics will probably take longer than all the rest of it combined.

To give you an idea, I've changed the tiles in this tileset six times since this screenshot was made, and completely redid the sun.

Since I've done away with the timed system, several cool options have presented themselves. Day/night engine, for one.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No. 33: Fly

Lately I've been slow on updating, this is because I've been trudging through reorganizing my code, moving resources, deleting extra old things and dealing with the hassle of the kind of thing that can happen when you do that. For the most part, it's all done, and I can finally start on the menu and file system. What this means for you is a smaller final filesize, less memory usage, and what it means for me is a greater sense of ease when adding features.

As for that little picture up there, it's a picture of the 33rd (in alphabetical order) enemy, the Fly. Whereas houseflies also walk, Flies do nothing but fly. Green eyed flies will fly away when you run up to them, whereas red eyed flies will dive at you, presumably because they're hungry. That little graphic is also part of a game extra, but until I get it ironed out I don't wanna talk too much about it.

So! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but hopefully I'll have more stuff to show you soon.